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Keep Your Ecommerce Website Simple

Ecommerce website development is never a one time task you need to regularly update your website for better results in Google rankings and aslo for attracting more visitors and customers. Ecommerce web developers now have been modern. They do provide many ideas for your ecommerce development.


Too many e-commerce websites are frustrating. Everything is shouting for the customers interest. There are offers, deals and recommended items wherever the individual changes. Amongst all of this misunderstandings it is difficult to discover what you want.

Amazon is like this and so we all normally think it must be right. However, one of the first results we came to when working on Wiltshire Town Meals is that they are not Amazon. Nobody is. You cannot think that what works for one will work for all.

The focus of the Wiltshire Town Meals website was on helping customers discover and buy the items they desired. It is not in anyone interest to engulf them with stuff that only we desired them to buy. It has to be the client first.

This intended simplifying the site. With so much material shouting for interest, customers could not discover anything. We had to eliminate diversion and focus them on key projects.

Take for example the website’s routing. We actually cover up away some of the varies offered by Wiltshire Town Meals. Madness you might think. Surely this created it tougher for customers to discover what they want? Granted for a small community it did. However, covering the less popular varies (like soup) we could emphasize the varies that taken into account many sales.

The same was true for item results. Some customers were enthusiastic about a lot of different details from dietary material to client scores. However, this details created life tougher for the popular customers who were only enthusiastic about a photo, information and price.

We therefore decided to move all of this details on to the item details web page. That way it was accessible for those who desired it without annoying most.

The final area we considerably refined was the purchasing bag and check out process. As I described in my post on e-commerce can be found, once the individual has determined to purchase you need to eliminate all disruptions.

The purchasing bag is not time to up-sell or combination selling. It’s not even time to provide a routing bar to other items. At this stage you want the individual to do one factor and one factor only, continue to check out.

Talking of the purchasing wagon application, we also targeted intensely on getting it to stand out on the site.